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You don’t really have to bring much with you for a day trip, however it’s always a good idea to bring items such as sun cream, plenty of drinks, some snacks (or a picnic if you don’t plan on stopping by a pub) and just the general essentials you carry with you on any other normal day.

Clothing wise, simply dress for the weather on the day and always wear comfortable shoes.

The maximum speed allowed on the canals is 4mph. If the wash from the boat creates a wave along the back your speed is too high. The waterways are a resource to be enjoyed by everyone and we would ask you to respect other users. Please slow down when going past other boats particularly when moored.

Fishermen generally prefer you to slow down when going past them, but it is important that you try to stay in the centre of the canal where the water is deepest.

All the visitor moorings on canals and rivers governed by the Canal & River Trust that’ll you will encounter on a day trip are free of charge. In fact you are permitted to moor anywhere on the towpath side of the canal free of charge so long as you are not causing an obstruction.

Locks are part of the enjoyment and we will explain during your handover how to operate them. There is no mystery to using locks – just a series of step by step tasks.  With the gates closed you open ‘paddles’ to let water in or out, raising or lowering the water level, so that you can move the boat to a new level. To open the paddles, you use a windlass (L shaped handle) to turn a series of cogs and wheels. Keep a firm grip while operating it and never leave it unattended on the paddle gear. For more information about locks, click here.

This is the name given to a canal side spectator. = )

Yes we do – You can hire our wheelchair accessible day boat from Goytre Wharf, in South Wales. Click here for more information. 

Your day hire starts at 10am and you should be back at the marina by 4.30pm. We do ask though that you arrive at the marina half an hour early at around 9.30am so we can spend half an hour explaining a little about your boat. 

No previous experience is necessary, as our boats are extremely easy to handle and full tuition is given at the start of every day hire.

There are buoyancy aids available free of charge for both children and adults at the marinas (compulsory for children under the age of 18 and non-swimmers). They do not need to be booked in advance and should be requested upon arrival at the marina so the correct size can be fitted.

Yes, pets are allowed on all our day boats free of charge unless otherwise stated.

Aside from the cost of the hire, the only other fee is a returnable £100 security deposit. You can pay this by either cash or card however please bare in mind that if you pay by card, it can several days to process the refund. 

There is ample open air parking at our bases which is provided free of charge. We regret that we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to hirers’ vehicles

We welcome inspection of our boats before you book. Please phone the bases before you arrive to ensure they are open and boats are available for viewing.